Urban Outfitters

Challenge: Catapult the existing brand into an entirely new revenue stream with the creation of its first e-commerce website, www.URBN.com.

Solution: Create an upbeat, straightforward and uncluttered access to gear, photographed on individuals that are more like customers than models. Deploy a strategic email campaign to invite store customers to the site with ongoing special deals.

Results: The online development budget was a fraction of the cost of opening a new store, and the site has exceeded all expectations, reaching break-even within eighteen months of launch. The site contributes to growing shareholder value, reaches consumers beyond the store locations, and further secures the 27-year-old brand as an innovative industry leader. The site has gone on to produce an incredible return on investment. Over the holiday of 2003, one week of the online revenue exceeded seven figures and also exceeded the entire month of December from the previous year.

RCA Records – Wu-Tang Clan


Elevate the recording artists to the level of international superstars through the release of their album “Wu-Tang Forever ”.

Solution: Create and produce the 30-second spots, from script to screen, for release on MTV worldwide. The spots included animating thousands of wire frame Wu-Tang bees chasing down a leading character.

Results: The “Wu-Tang Forever” album went triple platinum around the world, and it helped secure the brand as a music industry icon.

Mitsubishi /Dunphy Auto Group


Elevate the company from a regional Mitsubishi dealer to a national sales leader.

Solution: Create high impact short and long format TV spots, run at high frequency on off peak regional broadcast and cable.Results

The auto group became the largest Mitsubishi dealer in North America. It expanded to five dealer locations with revenue that increased from $50 million to $150 million in annual sales, over the three-year course of using the broadcast spots.

VoiceStream /VIP Wireless

Challenge: Elevate the company from a local authorized VoiceStream dealer to a leading regional cellular brand.

Solution: Design a new corporate identity, series of value deal programs, a fleet of “Cell Phone Mobile ” stores on wheels, multiple street teams, curbside campus stores, and online strategy. Reinforce the concept of driving the product to consumers rather than driving consumers to stores or the web.

Results: VIP increased its revenue from $20 million to $50 million over an eighteen month period.


Challenge: Create the first online presence for the basketball apparel brand.

Solution: Leverage the culture of basketball into the style and attitude of the website. Specifically reflect the street game as a catalyst to engage young customers and site visitors.

Results: The site helped extend the awareness and popularity of the brand. AND 1 has grown from 30 to 100 employees with offices in both the US and Europe. Monsoon won the regional ADDY Award for the best website.



Create the website interface, TV campaign, and launch web campaign for the innovative online currency division of Ecount.

Solution: Represent the online omni-buy gift certificate with a clear breakdown of the “give it ”,“get it ” and “shop anywhere ” concept to inform consumers about the products flexibility.

Results: Webcertificate leads its category and has overcome both the tech crash and the massive media assault from competitors such as Flooze that spent more than a thousand times the Webcertificate marketing budget. Citi acquired Ecount – Announcement.


Challenge: Help build the largest online Youth Culture game resource in the world.

Solution: Create a new message, “Taking Over The System ” to empower young people to use the game technology. Produce on screen TV/Web media, and run 30 second spots on multi-screen walls in sports shoe stores across the country to reach the teenage male market.

Results: UGO generated over 300 Million page views per month, and it became one of the top 50 sites worldwide.

Rendell for Governor

Challenge: Secure the youth vote in Greater Philadelphia.

Solution: Create a targeted direct mail, fund raising event, and pass along e-mail campaign to students and young professionals. Incorporate fresh graphics and upbeat positive messages: “I got a hot date with progress.”, “I skipped my Yoga class to make a difference.”, and ”I stopped complaining and got involved.”

Results: RENDELL won the Democratic Primary and General Election for Governor of Pennsylvania. The media and message spread virally beyond expectations and helped generate the largest voter turn out in Southern Pennsylvania history with an unprecedented four out of five youth voters selecting RENDELL.

Shampoo Nightclub

Challenge: Attract a new and culturally diverse group of guests to the nightclub.

Solution: Create the “Art and Style ” event series, in addition to the color wall series, and the Wearable Technology Fashion Show.

Results: Shampoo is the leading nightclub in Greater Philadelphia with seasonal events that now require outdoor tents to accommodate over 4,000 attendees.

Philadelphia City Paper

Challenge: Build the publication into the number one regional newsweekly.

Solution: Create new events, TV spots, the paper’s first website, and even create the design of the publication ’s new headquarters all aligned with the paper ’s alternative roots.The events ambiance strategy included towers of distribution boxes filled with video screens and the reception desk is comprised of a steel and concrete structure evocative of Philadelphia ’s urban landscape.

Results: The Philadelphia City Paper became the region’s leading newsweekly.

Nina ’s Cookies

Challenge: Launch a new cookie line for the oldest US manufacturer of Ginger Snaps.

Solution: Create a unique package with “Free Range” animal crackers along with an up—beat animated TV campaign.

Results: For the first time in company history, Wal-Mart picked up the innovative product line and placed a multi-million dollar order for the Animal Crackers. The deal represented more than ten times the volume of product ordered by previous regional buyers.

PhilaCITY /College Student Retention

Challenge: Impact the behavior of students to stay in the region after graduation and reduce the overall “Brain Drain”.

Solution: Develop an innovative media, online, and events program. As the executive director, Charlie Szoradi, was instrumental in attracting a diverse group of Co-Marketing partners ranging from leading television media resources such as Comcast, NBC, WB17, and FOX, to leading retailers like Radio Shack, plus Absolut Vodka, Dunphy Nisssan, and even local art supply resources such as Taws.

Results: The three year initiative has helped retain more students. As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer in June 2004, Greater Philadelphia retains 86 percent of college graduates who are originally from the area, and 64 percent of all graduates.


Challenge: Attract attention to the transformation of a formerly abandoned church into an arts collective and media center.

Solution: Create an appropriate Corporate Identity and deploy the “FEAR NO ART” message that resonates with the disenfranchised Empowerment Zone Neighborhood. Launch and manage the PR campaign. Create an event series with a fresh perspective on integrating art, music, and film. The events ranged from “Trash ‘N Fashion” shows with Astro-turf mini-skirts and inner-tube tire pants to a New Years Eve “Tick Tock ” party where guests were encouraged to bring an alarm clock, 400 of which were wired and set off at midnight.

Results: Massive regional media coverage, and THE HUT won the “Hip Scene” award in the Best of 1996 issue of Philadelphia Magazine.